Ustad Sarahang - Mina Beyawaraid

Ustad Sarahang singing his famous Ghazal Mina Beyawaraid "Bring me Wine" at his concert in Kabul Afghanistan Mohammad Hussain, after 16 years of service and learning, returned to his beloved Kabul. At the age of 25, Mohammad Hussain participated in a festival of music held at Kabul's famed Pamir Cinema. Amongst the participants were Ustad Qasim and Ustad Bada Gholam Ali. At this festival, Mohammad Hussain amazed the crowd with his talent and passion and was awarded the Gold Medal over the more famous Masters of music. His performance at this festival earned Mohammad Hussain the title of Ustad Mohammad Hussain and a few years later, the government of Afghanistan awarded him the title of "Sarhanag."
Ustad Sarahang
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