Shekeb Osmani - "Yaar e Jaani" New Music Video 2008

The 'Yaar-e Jaani' audio is ready to be downloaded! Right click the link below & select 'Save Target As..' Choose where you would like to save it & there you go!  Get it now, enjoy it wherever you go! Saaz Studios & Orokzai Studios Proudly Present.. Shekeb Osmani's "Yaar-e Jaani" New Music Video! After 11 years.. Song: Yaar-e Jaani Artist: Shekeb Osmani Compose: Vaheed Kaacemy Music & Recording: Saaz Studios [Shekeb Osmani] Videography: Orokzai Studios [Amid Orokzai] Release: October 2008 Stay tuned for more & MORE!
Shekeb Osmani
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