Mustafa Jalali - Allah Afghan Music 2012

re uploading is not allowed!RJ STUDIO PresentsArtist: MJSong: AllahLyrics: Ahmed NawidMusic: Rahmat AhmedAlbum: SilenceProduced by MJ Music, Inc.Director: Rasekh Jelaniwww.RJSTUDIO.tv"Dedicated to my Wife and Son""Knock, And He'll open the doorVanish, And He'll make you shine like the sunFall, And He'll raise you to the heavensBecome nothing, And He'll turn you into everything."Mawlana Jalaudin BalkhiThis video to many might be a surprise and very controversial. If you think deep you can actually see what is the point of this video. Its artistic and could be hard for some to understand the meaning.In the beginning Mustafa Jalali acting as a alcoholic, druggie basically a bad person. The point he is trying to make is that no one can help you when you are in deep deep trouble.. no matter where you come from, what you did you can always ask allah to help you get out of it.If allah can forgive you for your mistakes, than who are we to judge someone? Please look at yourself first before pointing finger at others. No one is perfect, but we do bow and ask allah to help us from all this evil that is surrounding us, no matter where we are, we are constantly bombarded with lies, commercial music videos about sex, alcohol and drugs. Commercial life such as going to clubs, drinking all this makes you happy at that moment and it's not a long term happiness. Being with family living in clean environment with god in your heart is what gives you true happiness.. So for the people who have sent me messages and left comments in this video.. Please look deep inside.. For once think about the video before judging someone. I understand it's controversial, I wanted to cross the border and actually make people think about a video. Instead of commercial videos that are now full of them this days.. You see new clip coming out every single day but video such as this are hardly out because the singers and directors are scared that people wont understand the artistic side of this.. But they are wrong we have to think higher and educate the people in the most controversial way so our society will be more open to criticism and open to different kind of art.
Mustafa Jalali
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    wuts with the eye of the anti christ that appears time to time ..
    video makes no sense ..