ARYANA - Zan Astam (I am a Woman - English Sub-Titles)


Aryana Sayeed's latest hit single "ZAN ASTAM" (I am a Woman) dedicated to the Women of Afghanistan. This song is a continuation of the series of songs of our talented Diva, including "Lady of the Land of Fire" (, "Afghan Mother" ( and "Qahramaan - Champion" ( dedicated to the Women of Afghanistan and their ongoing struggles to survive and strive.

In Afghanistan, women are referred to with titles such as "Syaasar" (Feeble), "Zayeefa" (Fragile), etc. portraying them as extreme weaklings. In this song, Ms. Aryana expresses not only the strength of the Women of Afghanistan but also reminds all the men who are oppressive that if it wasn't for Women, they would not have come to existence themselves in the first place.

One of Aryana's own compositions, the strong and beautiful lyrics as always were custom-written by the extremely talented Sulaiman Didar Shafihee and the melodious orchestra music was arranged by the uniquely talented Shahram Farshid. The video was directed by none other than Alex Ferra and produced by Aryana's own management company of Sherzaad Entertainment headed by Hasib Sayed.

Song Title: Zan Astam (I am a Woman)
Composition: Aryana
Lyrics: Sulaiman Didar
Music: Shahram Farshid
Director: Alex Ferra
Producer: Hasib Sayed (Sherzaad Entertainment)

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