• Moshtaba Shamels Biography

    Said Moshtaba Shamel wurde am 20.04.1990 in Eschwege, einer Kleinstadt in Hessen, geboren. Schon als Kind war er musikalisch begabt. Dies machte sich schon in der 3. Klasse bemerkbar, in der er  die Hauptstimme im Schulchor war. Doch die richtige Erfahrung konnte er bei seinem Vater Zafar Shamel, der seit ?ber 32 Jahren S?nger in der Afghanischen Musikszene ist, sammeln. Mit 16 hatte er die Ehre zusammen mit seinem Vater auf Hochzeiten und Konzerten als Background S?nger mitzusingen. Mit 18 Jahren hat er seine Ausbildung als Tontechniker begonnen, die er mit 20 erfolgreich absolvierte. Mit 18 leitete er zusammen mit seinem Vater das gemeinsame Musikstudio ?Zafar Shamel Pro Sound Studio?. Im November 2010 erschien sein erster Song  -Judahi- auf den Markt bzw. im afghanischen Fernsehen.


    Er selber sagt:

    ?Musik ist einfach mein Leben, sobald ich die Finger auf die Tasten des Keyboards lege, vergesse ich alle Sorgen und ich genie?e die Zeit, in der ich Musik machen kann, denn es gibt nichts Sch?neres auf der Welt f?r mich! Mein Traum ist es einmal, zu sein wie mein Vater, denn er ist mein einziges Vorbild. Es ist mir eine Ehre, in seine Fu?stapfen treten zu k?nnen. Haupts?chlich wurde ich durch meinen Vater inspiriert, da er derjenige war, der mir gezeigt hat, wie viel Gef?hl, Kraft und vor Allem Leidenschaft f?r die Musik ein S?nger bringen muss.

    Doch mein gr??ter Traum ist es einmal die Menschen mit meiner eigenen Stimme zu ber?hren und Sie f?hlen zu lassen, wie leidenschaftlich Musik f?r mich ist.?

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  • Suhell Eshpari Bio

    Suhell Eshpari Born May 30 in Tehran,Iran and grew up in the Wonderful city of Vienna,Austria located in Europe most of his life living there with his Mom,Dad and 2 Brothers.
    Although he was born in Iran His background and family are from Kabul,Afghanistan. As he was growing up he had a number of hobbies such as playing
    soccer, Thai Boxing and the tabla. His parents always motivated him in all and did all they can just to get him into positive things that would actually get him far in life and keep
    him away from anything negative.Suhell has the utmost respect for his family and everyone that's around him, he is loved by all. His Character and Personality is
    what draws everyone's attention.Just like most of us Suhell has experienced and learned a lot of life lessons which is why he is a strong individual.
    He thinks realistically and not fantasy. He is a Go-Getter, when he wants to do something he will do anything in his power to have it done right away.
    He went to school in Vienna,Austria and studied Liberal Arts because he could not make a choice as to what field he wanted to get into.
    He started to promote & make concerts himself and sponsored some really popular afghan singers just to make his own afghan families happy so they can enjoy their time.
    Vienna,Austria has a very small population of afghans and to see such big stars coming from afar was really something exciting for everyone and thats when they respected
    Suhell even more. When he seen how hospitable and how much respect everyone had towards the singers he then decided to give it a try himself.
    Suhell then created his own music studio. His style of music is Rap and his beats totally difers from other artists which made him unique.
    His goal was to give a message and a lesson through his lyrics and songs, and to touch subjects that our country seems to avoid, its has to be heard.
    Suhell is a self taught musician and plays instruments such as the tabla & keyboard, he produces his own music and started making and editing music videos as well.
    He really appreciates his fans and the love/support he is receiving throughout the world and loves to hear everyone's opinions and feedback, So keep them coming. Read more
  • Haris Nuri

    I was born and raised in the City of Hamburg, Germany.
    My parents are both from Kabul, Afghanistan.

    After finishing German high-school (Abitur) I studied first Business Administration at the University of Hamburg/Bremen and then Computer Science
    at the University of Applied Science in Heidelberg and earned thus 2 university-degrees.
    A three months undergraduate degree program for international students at a college in the Bay Area/California and an internship in Boston, Mass for five months, rounded up my international experience.
    I worked for some multinational companies like Siemens, Dt. Telekom, EADS, SAP and currently working for a multinational Business-Software
    developing company in Heidelberg, Germany in the field of Business Consulting.

    I also used toWork for our family-owned enterprise which is a wholesale
    oriental rugs & carpets business, operated and owned for more than
    35 years by my father, located in the Freeport of Hamburg.

    Besides this I started my musical career comparatively late, compared to others who were born into musicians families, in 1997 when buying
    my first keyboard.

    I changed my attitude towards performing music the day I become acquainted with my dear friend Ali Etemadi. Besides becoming
    good friends he was also convinced that he recovered a certain amount of musical talent and encouraged me to get more into music through hard practicing and listening.

    Soon I noticed that for Afghan music it will be a tremendous help to know the basics of our afghan music which are mainly based on the
    classical music rules of North India.
    My first teacher who gave me an introduction to the world of Indian Thaat?s and Raaga?s was Mr. Alishah Sadozai (Khoshal), a well-known,
    Hamburg based, excellent Ghazal Singer who is still one of my favorite singers and for whom I have great respect and admiration.
    Alishah-jaan is still teaching as a certified musical educationalist in the field of North Indian Classical Music Theory at the "Staatliche Jugend-
    musikschule Hamburg".
    Equipped with this knowledge and through hard practising I was able to play and accompany by ear, which is a fundamental ability of eastern style of music.
    I really appreciated this ability especially when accompanying Masters like Ustad Sharif Ghazal or high-class Ghazal Singers like Najim Nawabi.

    The next crucial chapter of my musical career was when leaving my beloved hometown Hamburg and moved to southern Germany in
    order to start my second degree at the "University of Applied Science" in Heidelberg.

    Through my friend and very talented tabla player, Mr. Omed Noori,
    I met Mr. Nasrat Parsa (RIP), who was related to him.
    Soon we became very good friends and we blended well on stage. Since then I accompanied Nasrat-jaan on stage at all of his concerts
    including our last tragic concert in Vancouver.
    I also arranged songs for his 2 last albums Naz and Dil.
    Through Nasrat-jaan, who was a student of great Pakistani Ghazal Singer Ghulam Ali Khan, I learned more into detail of raagas and through rhythm-practicing with my friend Omed (who is a student of great Tabla-Maestro Pandit Anindoo Chatterjee) improving my
    understanding and feeling of "Lay" (rhythm).

    In order to get more into western roots I took also piano lessons (classical style) for 2 years from my dear teacher Wolfgang of
    "Staatliche Hochschule fuer Musik und Darstellende Kunst Heidelberg".

    Nowadays the most projects I spend, along with my band colleauges, with artists like Farhad Shams, Jawid Sharif, Obaid Juenda and in the USA
    Ehsan Aman, Najim.

    Besides performing and working on modern pop music I enjoy listining to Hindi Ghazals and to "light Classicals" like amazing Ustad Rashid Khan (India). I also enjoy listening to arrangements of worldwide renowned Greek Keyboarder and Arranger Yanni.

    Nowadays I am in the process of building my own band with the help of my dear friends and music colleagues and thus providing professional music and live performances to afghan artists.

    For the future I will also get more involved into arranging and sequencing music which I was not able to accomplish in a high degree due to lack of time.

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  • Mehrangez

    Born in Kabul Afghanistan, Mehrangez is the oldest of four children. She was born to a civil/environmental engineer and school teacher who always instilled in her the value of a higher education. Despite her god given talent in music and singing, Mehrangez's primary focus in life was to become an architect. As such, she pursued a Bachelors in Architecture at Cal Poly Pomona. Upon her graduation she met and married the love of her life, her husband Taymor. They soon had two beautiful children, Emaan now 12 and Avicenna 10, but Mehrangez was still not satisfied. With the support of her family, especially her loving husband who himself is an aerospace/electrical

    engineer, she pursued and completed her Masters degree in Architecture. As a part of her Master's Thesis she returned to Afghanistan in 2008 to develop her proposal for a school for the disabled at the Kabul University Campus. The proposal has since been introduced to the Ministry of Higher Education in Afghanistan and is now awaiting funding.


    Despite these academic accomplishments, Mehrangez's love for music has left her wanting to pursue her passion of singing. Mehrangez began performing at family social events and school events as young as 7. Throughout her life, Mehrangez has had the privilege of performing with many distinguished artists of the Afghan community. In 1998, she had the honor of becoming an official musical student of the late Ustad Jalil Zaland.
    Aside from the musical influences of great Afghan artists, Mehrangez's musical style is also inspired by the world renowned Mehdi Hassan, Jagjit Singh, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Ghulam Ali, Begum Akhtar and many others of the same caliber.

    Although these legends have impacted her music, Mehrangez, nevertheless, maintains her own unique style, voice, and delivery. Through her music she wishes to convey powerful messages that relate not only to Afghans, but to all human kind.

    Mehrangez has recently released her debut song "Awaragi" and is currently working on various new projects that are scheduled for release shortly.
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    Rameen Sharif was born in a musically rich family; others view him as a producer, composer, singer, recording engineer, musician and exhilarating live performer. Early influences include his uncle and also his master Habib Sharif who is known for his compositions and fusion music, and his respected father, Sakhi Sharif who has been always there for him. Rameen began his career at the age of five. Ever since he was a child, he heard the strings of music ringing through his house. He got his first taste of performing at the age of six, in a live concert on the stage with percussion, where he was supported and accompanied by his uncle Habib Sharif. When he reached the age of nine he started playing various instruments, and received an authorization from the government of Afghanistan for being a mesmerizing musician at a very young age. He knew the quality of his talents very well and wanted to maximize those talents. He successfully finished high school in Toronto in 2002, and is currently attending Humber College for computer engineering, music recording and editing.

    His younger brothers Omar and Haroon Sharif are a big part of his success. Omar Sharif is an accomplished keyboard player and composer. Besides being a talented singer and a musician he can be also termed as a versatile ghazal singer. Haroon Sharif plays drums. These Sharif brothers are always in need of each other and are together at concerts, shows and recordings.

    Rameen?s debut albums ?Hina? (2001), was sung by Rameen, Omar and Habib Sharif and choreographed by Rameen Sharif. After the complete success of CD ?Hina? he created his solo album ?Nazdeek? (2002), and was incredibly recognized by everyone especially for its song ?Amina? in Afghanistan and achieved best status. After all these great successes, Rameen and Omar recorded and released their third album called ?Wedding Dance?(2003), which contained hits for party fans and an additional two amazing Ghazals which delightfully met with varying degrees of success. Apart from their amazing albums in 2004, their live performance did not only take place in Toronto, but also in Dubai, where they overwhelmed audiences of 3000 with their mind blowing music. Their first DVD from their live concert was also released in the year of 2004. Their Ghazals were admired very much by Ghazal devotees. After getting a lot of great feedbacks and compliments Rameen and Omar decided to make a complete Ghazal CD.
    Their latest album, ?Taaj Aroos? (enchanting) which contains double disk, a dancing CD and a Ghazal CD, are more mature compilation of personal and romantic songs which has plenty of listeners. All these albums performed impressively well in Afghanistan and abroad adding a fairly long list of all time favorites. "Technology is great and it works so you use it," Rameen admits, "but I also try to keep things very undemanding. When it comes to music, you cannot pull a whip on yourself. I don't want my voice to sound too technical I want it to sound like me. The way I feel is, I don't have to sound perfect, but my sensation has to nail it. There's nothing scientific about it, it's all about passion I let it flow. If it's real, it stays."

    Currently, they are working on their new DVD by Rameen and Omar Sharif along with their new CD by Rameen, Omar and Habib Sharif which are slated for release this year. Rameen Sharif tries to satisfy the demands of various segments in the afghan society. He does this by choosing bewitching lyrics and rhythms. His choice of poetry includes classical Pashto, Dari and Uzbaki poets; he also adapted Indian composition to his lyrics. The Sharif family has been working hard in their lives directing their God-given talents to create a legacy of music for everyone to enjoy. ?I have the dream team!? Rameen enthuses about his supporters and co-workers: Habib Sharif (his leader and also uncle with whom, he?s been working since he was a child); Sakhi Sharif (his respected father who plays Tabla), and his younger brothers Omar and Haroon Sharif. They have also created their own studio, ?Sharif Music Studio? which is designed to give other artists a relaxed, affordable place to record with outstanding sound, and they also arrange and record music for musicians. ?I love experimenting with the new technology, and exploring its amazing possibilities - both for my own work and in production capacity for other artists? says Rameen.

    So far Rameen appears to be handling his success well. His biggest flaw which confronts him everyday is the inability to see the big picture, and plan for the future to stay a pop star and accomplish more in order to serve his country and people with the best way of entertainment. Asked if it was a conscious attempt to stick to certain tunes, he said: ?No, I am dedicated to experimenting with new styles and forms rather than be taken hostage by success as a commercial artist and thus creating formula music?. I am grateful of everyone who appreciates my music?. What is his dream? ?I wish to be a legend like Ustat-Sarahang and Ahmed-Zahir!?
    Seemingly, Rameen enjoys a very warm reception and appreciation of all his music fans around the world.

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