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    Dearest Fans / Web Readers,
    The biography of an entertainer tends to be most interesting to his devoted fans and his fellow countrymen and women. I hope this fulfills your levels of interest and gives you some insight into my life, as you would like.
    To begin, I would like to say that art, literature, and music have a profound effect on all without any recognition of boundaries.
    I was born in the beautiful city of Kabul, Afghanistan on what my mother described to be a calm, peaceful, and sunny day. My father dedicated most of his life to the teachings of his students and children. When I was born he was teaching as the head of the department of education in Kabul. My mother, just like all other devoted mothers of the world sacrificed her youth for the well being of her children. "Worship" is the word that comes into my mind when I think of Sima Parsa and the late Hafizullah Parsa (bless his soul), my loving parents.
    The art of poetry, literature, sculpturing, painting, and music played a big part in shaping my fathers family. My uncle, Amanullah Parsa who now resides in Columbus, Ohio with his family, after his graduate studies in Italy, taught art at the University of Rome and Milan. My brother, Najeeb Parsa, was the first person to have such a great impact on my life involving music. He has given me tremendous guidance in this incredible journey, "I have never felt alone," even if we were oceans apart. In my childhood years I started listening to my brother Najeeb when he recited poetry while playing the harmonia. I started mimicking him, and thus began our close ties to music and each other.

    Soon after, during a New Years celebration at Radio Kabul Studios, I sang two songs belonging to the greatest artist that ever lived in Afghanistan, Ahmad Zahir (God bless him), and received great encouragement and likeness from the people.

    The next morning the celebration was broadcasted over the radio and Ahmed Zahir heard his songs. He invited me over to his house where we sang together and it was perhaps the greatest honor of my life. The recording of the New Years celebration, singing with Ahmed Zahir at his home, and singing in the radio game show would all come to my benefit in the future.
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