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    Bashir Hamdard was born in Afghanistan - Kabul - on 15 januari 1986. On his 10e anniversery Bashir moved with his family to Islamabad - Pakistan. There he visited the Abu Ali Sina School. He always was one of the best in his classes. In the year 2000 the whole family moved to Germany - in the hope of a better live, as the circumstances of the wartime got worse Bashir Hamdard In Frankfurt am Main he continued his education and often took part in musical events as a singer. By this time he was fascinated by music and practised on flute, keyboard and harmonia in vacantions and freetime. After finishing school he concentrated on his musical aims with the full support of his family. His greatest fan was his own father Abdul-Satar-Hamdard, who always praysed and encouraged Bashir's talent as a musician

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