Afghanistan Election 2014 (Results)

The Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced preliminary results of the presidential election Saturday evening with Abdullah Abdullah leading with 44.9 percent.

Presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was trailing with 31.5 percent and Zalmai Rassoul behind with 11.5 percent.

Tonight's results were made up of 100 percent of votes casted across the country.

Head of IEC Ahmad Yusuf Nuristani said the total number of voters announced this evening was roughly seven million; exactly 6,892,816 votes.

Preliminary results of Afghan elections GFX

Of the roughly seven million votes, 64 percent of the voters were male and 36 percent were female.

During the announcement Nuristani said that there might be a possibility of a runoff from what they have analyzed so far.

"From what we have examined so far, we just might go into a runoff," he said. "But we hope not."

He added that if runoffs were to take place, it will be held on June 7, 2014.

"IEC had planned ahead for a possible runoff," IEC Secretariat Zia-ul-Haq Amarkhail said. "We are prepared both financially and technically."

Nuristani said that votes from 525 polling sites were not counted because they did not meet the IEC criteria. He also added that 810 polling centers were recounted in 34 provinces and 1,964 polling centers were audited.

Electoral Complaints Comission (ECC) Cheif Abdul Satar Saadat said, in an interview with TOLOnews, that the ECC has done nothing to impact the preliminary results.

"There are 2,133 complaints, of which 900 of the complaints can impact the outcome of the election," Saadat said. "Once these are addressed the outcome can go in any direction."

According to the election schedule on IEC's website, the ECC has until May 8 to finalize and submit their decisions of all complaints.

To avoid a runoff, a presidential candidate must attain 50 plus one percent of total votes.

Runoff is tentatively scheduled for May 28, but IEC has stated on their website that they will publish a separate timeline for runoff.

This past Thursday, IEC released a third round of partial results with Abdullah Abdullah leading with 43.8 percent, Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai trailing with 32.9 percent and Zalmai Rassoul behind with 11.7 percent.

Thursday's results was made up of roughly six million votes, about 82.59 percent; exactly 5,857,442 votes.

IEC delayed preliminary results for two days to thoroughly assess ballots.


Source: ToloNews

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